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At ALTEN, your involvement in choosing your assignments puts you at the helm of your career. The most challenging assingnments are also the ones that provide the most personal development. We can provide you with coaching and inspiration to help [...]

range of services

  • Consulting

    Based on individual knowledge and skills our employees provide a solution for your question.

  • Consulting team

    In this case ALTEN is responsible for a product or a component.

  • Service center

    ALTEN takes over full development at one of our Service Centers.

  • Work unitbased services

    Agreements based on solid, repeatable activities such as testing or creating reports.

  • Fixed-price projects

    Fixed appointments on time, money and the results to be delivered in the context of a project.

ALTEN offers different service levels to provide the best response to clients’ needs.

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ALTEN, the European leader in engineering and technology consulting, provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and it systems.

Its 17,700 top engineers carry out R&D projects for the technical and information systems divisions of large corporate clients.

The technology

Alten Academy

Keeping your software professionals’ knowledge up to date is of great importance. It strengthens the innovative potential of your company [...]

2015 Final results

Financial communication related to 2015 annual results of ALTEN Group. Follow the webcast of recorded SFAF presentation. BUSINESS UP BY [...]

ALTEN JOBS, how to get a job everywhere !

ALTEN is a worldwide company now, soaring up in Europe and in the USA! We need to hire the best [...]